Blackfin port footprint bss > 500K ?

Devin Butterfield devin.butterfield at
Sun Aug 17 07:15:57 UTC 2008

Hi folks,

Using the cvs head RTEMS, binutils 2.18, gcc-4.3.1, I built RTEMS using the
following options:

../rtems/configure --target=bfin-rtems --disable-posix --disable-networking
--enable-rtemsbsp=eZKit533 --disable-itron --prefix=$PWD --enable-tests

The footprint I get for minimum.exe is surprisingly large (when compared to
say the m68k port):

   text    data     bss     dec     hex filename
  53152    2344  595832  651328   9f040 minimum.exe

I poked around in the code and found that the linker cmds are reserving 512K
for the RTEMS workspace in .bss:

        _WorkspaceBase = .;
        . += 512K;      /* reserve some memory for workspace */

I'm new to RTEMS, and so I don't know what the workspace is used for, but I
don't see other targets (e.g., m68k) reserving this much memory.

Is a 512K workspace really required for the bfin port? Can we make it

Regards, Devin
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