How do you boot an RTEMS app on the Xilinx ML403

Jack Vernetti jackv at
Mon Aug 18 20:08:35 UTC 2008


My name is Jack Vernetti and I am a software developer at UC Berkeley 
(Space Sciences Lab).    I've just (today) joined this users' group.

I and several other researchers here are very interested in running 
RTEMS on Xilinx FPGA hardware, but are very new to the entire subject of 
realtime OS's (and FGPAs, for that matter).   I've been able to build a 
simple RTEMS (v. 4.8.0, target PowerPC 405) "hello-world" application 
for the Xilinx ML403, but I do not know how to boot this onto the 
board.   We've had a bit of experience with booting Linux on the ML403 
and, based on that, we assume that the easiest way of booting RTEMS is 
by a CF card with an appropriate System Ace file on it.   Are we 
completely off base here?   If not, I have a couple of questions:

    1.   For Linux, the CF had three partitions:

            A DOS partition with the System Ace file in it

            A Linux "root" partition

            A Linux swap partition

          My guess is that, as a realtime OS, RTEMS has no notion of 
virtual memory and so there
          would be no swap partition.   In that case, there would be two 
partitions, the second for
          use by RTEMS.  What type of partition should this be?   Note 
that we would probably
          partition the CF on a Linux box.

    2.   Would the System Ace file for RTEMS be different than for Linux 
(sorry if this is a
           stupid question - but we are really neophytes on this subject).

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.



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