Is it time for 4.9 branching point

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Aug 6 15:47:06 UTC 2008

gds wrote:
> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Ray has fixed the ARM bug.  Thanks.
> Is this the bug to which this refers? Didn't see it in bugzilla.
It was only broken in CVS. 

FWIW if ANY ONE sees a PR in Bugzilla and can assist in
anyway to help close it,  it would be appreciated.  I spent
most of Friday and yesterday trying to close PRs. 
>  Will
> this be also fixed in a possible 4.8.1 patch?
> <from previous email from xu ray>
> TA1  - rtems_clock_get - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
> TA2  - rtems_clock_get - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
> TA3  - rtems_clock_get - 09:00:00   12/31/1988
> TA1  - rtems_clock_get - 09:00:05   12/31/1988
> data_abort at address 0x8838, instruction: 0xE58D4004,   spsr = 0x0
> active thread thread 0x09010001
Yes.  Now the edb7312 BSP runs pretty well.  Spot checks
on the rtl22xx also look good. 

And I actually managed to get GCC test results running
on the edb7312 overnight:


There were a lot (2116) of "unexpected failures" but most (1997
by grep) appear to be because the ep7312 is not a Neon CPU
and could not pass those tests.  In this case, the tests need to
be fixed to detect this and say "not supported".  I had to work
with the gcc people to get similar things fixed on other architectures.

The C++ and Ada only had a handful of issues.

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