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Mon Aug 18 10:14:53 UTC 2008

Hi Joel,

Sorry to know you are busy. I want not to bother you, but I still do not
understand how to make "barrier-wait" interruptible by signals.

>  1. POSIX says when pipe IO can be interrupted by signals. I
>> remember we think it is better to make FIFO/pipe independant
>> of POSIX API.

> When blocking in RTEMS, you can specify an extra state bit
> STATES_INTERRUPTIBLE_BY_SIGNAL.  So you can be blocking
> on a mutex and that particular mutex API implementation may be
> written to set the STATES_INTERRUPTIBLE_BY_SIGNAL bit.
> When a signal occurs, that bit is checked.
> It would be fairly straightforward to add an attribute bit
 (part of object instance create) which specified whether the blocking
> calls for that object instance would be interruptible. This would have
 to be propagated into the score initialize call for that object.

I do not find any way to set STATES_INTERRUPTIBLE_BY_SIGNAL in RTEMS barrier
API. Do you mean I should re-encapsulate rtems_barrier_wait and set the
thread state before calling it; or I should manually set
STATES_INTERRUPTIBLE_BY_SIGNAL in CORE_barrier_Control.Wait_queue.state at
barrier creation?

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