Countdown to 4.9 Branching Point

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Wed Jul 9 13:45:26 UTC 2008


Ralf has laid the groundwork for 4.10 tools and
I had want to cut the 4.9 branch this week. RTEMS
itself looks better than it has at any previous
branching point.

At this point, I know of a few outstanding
development efforts I think are close and wanted
to make 4.9.

+ Chris - some bdbuf work that greatly improves
  flash file system performance.
+ Thomas - has mentioned a couple of BSPs on the
  user's list.  Hint (two weeks :-D).  Are they
  going to make it?

How close are these? 

Is there anything else?

If you have something you want in, submit it ASAP.
Otherwise, the branch will be cut by the end
of this week.

GSOC work will go into 4.10. 

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