PowerPC exceptions and critical interrupts

Thomas Dörfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Thu Jul 10 10:22:17 UTC 2008


Till Straumann schrieb:
> Sebastian Huber wrote:
>>     /* ME happens here -> exception and ISR frame pointer have later 
>> equal values and the ME exception frame will moved and overwritten */
> Sure - but that requires an ME to happen during this section of code. If 
> exception handling
> is correct (recoverable) machine-checks should not happen here. Also, 
> currently
> there are no asynchronous machine-checks.

This assumption is no always valid. On various systems you may get a ME 
at unexpected locations, e.g. when the system bus/RAM/Cache has 
experienced a parity or ECC error during an opcode fetch. This is a rare 
situation, but should be manageable anyway.



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