pc686 bsp for executables bigger than 1.44Mbytes

John Pickwick john.pickwick at free.fr
Wed Jul 30 22:31:02 UTC 2008

Well, this PC is not connected to a network. I was more interested in 
something like reading the executable from a hard disk or an USB memory as 
Wendell suggested. I'm not a grub expert, do you think I can indicate the 
path of an executable located on a USB device ?

Otherwise what would be the main steps to access the PC hard disk from a 
"floppy-booted" rtems executable ? I have a FAT32 or NTFS format on it. I 
guess I must declare some kind of ATA driver ?


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> Networking not an option?
> T.
> John Pickwick wrote:
>> Hi to all,
>> as a prototyping platform I use a simple celeron pc with the pc686 bsp 
>> (with rtems4.8.0) but my executable is getting bigger and bigger :=( The 
>> pc is under windows and I used to boot from a floppy disk using the grub 
>> package but I can no longer do it since my executable reached the 1.44MB 
>> limit ... what are the other simple solutions to run my application (I 
>> don't have any filesystem installed in my application) ?
>> John
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