ANN: Fedora-6 toolchains discontinued

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Sat Jun 14 04:46:26 UTC 2008


Now that Fedora-7 has been officially EOL'ed[1], this has been reflected
to's RTEMS toolchain repositories:

* All Fedora-6-based toolchain rpms for all versions of RTEMS have been
discontinued and removed.

* Fedora-7 based toolchain rpms for rtems-4.9 have been removed.

The corresponding repositories have been removed from and
been backed up to

So far, Fedora-7 based toolchain rpms for rtems-4.7 and rtems-4.8 are
not affected. I will try to continue supporting them "as legacy" until
Fedora-8 is going to be EOL'ed or something else is interfering.

That said, all RTEMS users on Fedora should feel encouraged to upgrade
to Fedora-8 or Fedora-9.



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