AMCC ppc440EPx BSP

Tim Cussins timcussins at
Fri Jun 27 09:55:42 UTC 2008

Hi all,

I'm about to start work on a bsp for the AMCC ppc440EPx  (Sequoia Board).

There was a bit of traffic a few weeks back regarding some AMCC bsp
ideas - is anyone working on this, or any other AMCC bsp?

Our plan is to develop the bsp in-house until it's running, then submit
to the community. This would be a basic bsp loaded via (das!) u-boot
with int controller and polled uart.

After that, we will work on a nic driver, and follow that with a
standalone bsp (that does not rely on u-boot).

Of course, once the initial bsp is in cvs, we can look at abstracting it
to support multiple AMCC devices.

Thoughts and suggestions welcome.


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