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Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Mon Jun 9 13:51:51 UTC 2008

Till Straumann wrote:
> Leon Pollak wrote:
>> Hello, all.
>> A small question:
>> I have VERY small amount of FP calculations (which occur also rare) in my
>> application.
>> Is it safe not to create tasks with FP attribute, but to surround FP
>> calculations with disable/enable interrupts?
> If you only have one single task that uses the FPU
> then you're OK without disabling/enabling interrupts.
> If there is at least one other, FP-enabled task then
> disabling/enabling interrupts may still result in corruption
> (if your target does lazy FP-context switching).
> In general, I consider this very bad practice. IMO, FP-disabled
> tasks should execute with the FPU hardware disabled.
> So should exception handlers and ISRs (unless they save-restore
> FP regs).
I can't swear that every architecture RTEMS has been
ported to implements this but I know it is a design
goal and should be true on at least the PowerPC and
SPARC.  It is much better to have the FPU disabled
when it is not supposed to be used.
> Here's one lesson I learned:
> I have seen gcc versions which would silently/implicitly
> use the FPU so that making all tasks FP tasks was the only
> solution. With this gcc version (don't remember which one it
> was) I occasionally had problems with gcc implicitly generating
> FP code in ISRs. Only my paranoia (I have the FPU *only* enabled
> when FP tasks execute, disabled during exceptions, non-FP tasks
> etc.) saved me (I got a trap/exception instead of mysterious
> corruption and could then figure out a work-around)...
The old case we always saw was printf declaring a FP
local variable.  Even if you never printed a FP number,
on some architectures, the presence of that declaration
was enough to use the FP. 

The first time I saw GCC use FP instructions for integer
operations was on the HP PA-RISC where FP multiply
was preferred over integer multiply for array indexing!!
This was in the 1993-4 time frame.
> -- Till
>> Thanks ahead.
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