Bootloader (Boot Loader)?

Gene Smith gds at
Fri Oct 3 17:26:53 UTC 2008

So far I have just been loading my RTEMS image to RAM via jtag and 
running with a debugger. I would like to burn the image to Flash, along 
with a boot loader of some sort, and have the loader copy the image to 
RAM and beginning running. This would be a fairly rudimentary boot 
loader just to get started.

Looking through the rtems archives I see some old references to Chris 
John's "My Right Boot" and "Eric Norum's boot loader". Otherwise I can't 
find these mentioned anywhere on RTEMS site (looked in ftp: contribs 
etc.) or web.

I also see mention of Till's CEXP loader. If I understand it, it loads 
random rtems applications. Not quite what I am looking for I don't think.

My board has no built-in boot loader, so I need to do something from 
scratch. Ideally, the boot loader would need to do more such as possibly 
help with f/w upgrade via network. I think this might require something 
like u-boot or redboot. I think u-boot supports RTEMS but have not seen 
it mentioned except on Erwin Rol's rtems/u-boot site and not updated 
since maybe 2003. I have seen mention also of boards running RTEMS that 
have built-in u-boot and how to deal with it, but not how to join u-boot 
and RTEMS yourself.

Just wondering what others are doing for a boot loader.


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