A simple question about the linker script

PowerMan powerman1st at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 07:52:52 UTC 2008

I have compared the linker script of the gp32-bsp (arm920, s3c2400) and the
default lds of arm-rtems-gcc (could be shown by arm-rtems-ld --verbose).

I found that there are several segment appeared in default lds
but not gp32 lds. Such as

  .tdata      : { *(.tdata .tdata.* .gnu.linkonce.td.*) }
  .tbss          : { *(.tbss .tbss.* .gnu.linkonce.tb.*) *(.tcommon) }
  .got            : { *(.got.plt) *(.got) }
  .rel.dyn        :
      *(.rel.text .rel.text.* .rel.gnu.linkonce.t.*)
      *(.rel.rodata .rel.rodata.* .rel.gnu.linkonce.r.*)
      *(.rel.data.rel.ro* .rel.gnu.linkonce.d.rel.ro.*)
      *(.rel.data .rel.data.* .rel.gnu.linkonce.d.*)
      *(.rel.tdata .rel.tdata.* .rel.gnu.linkonce.td.*)
      *(.rel.tbss .rel.tbss.* .rel.gnu.linkonce.tb.*)
      *(.rel.bss .rel.bss.* .rel.gnu.linkonce.b.*)

Would it do harm to the integrality of the gp32 final target image ?

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