EPICS on RTEMS 4.9 (for mvme2100 and mpc8313erdb)

Phillip Sorensen pas37 at cornell.edu
Thu Oct 2 15:49:00 UTC 2008

> /opt/rtems-4.9/bin/powerpc-rtems4.9-gcc --pipe 
> -B/opt/rtems-4.9/powerpc-rtems4.9/mvme2100/lib/ -specs bsp_specs 
> -qrtems   -fasm -c   -mcpu=603e -Dmpc603e -Dppc603e               
> -DUNIX    -ansi  -O2 -g -mmultiple -mstring -mstrict-align -g  
> -DRTEMS_NETWORK_CONFIG_DNS_DOMAINNAME=aps.anl.gov <http://aps.anl.gov/> 
> -DRTEMS_NETWORK_CONFIG_DNS_DOMAINNAME=aps.anl.gov <http://aps.anl.gov/>  
> -I. -I.. -I../../../src/libCom/bucketLib -I../../../src/libCom/ring 
> -I../../../src/libCom/calc -I../../../src/libCom/cvtFast 
> -I../../../src/libCom/cppStd -I../../../src/libCom/cxxTemplates 
> -I../../../src/libCom/dbmf -I../../../src/libCom/ellLib 
> -I../../../src/libCom/env -I../../../src/libCom/error 
> -I../../../src/libCom/fdmgr -I../../../src/libCom/freeList 
> -I../../../src/libCom/gpHash -I../../../src/libCom/logClient 
> -I../../../src/libCom/macLib -I../../../src/libCom/misc 
> -I../../../src/libCom/osi -I../../../src/libCom/taskwd 
> -I../../../src/libCom/timer -I../../../src/libCom/tsDefs 
> -I../../../include/os/RTEMS -I../../../include         
> ../../../src/libCom/bucketLib/bucketLib.c
> powerpc-rtems4.9-gcc: error trying to exec 'cc1': execvp: No such file 
> or directory
> as: unrecognized option `-mppc'

I have been seeing basically the same error with the m68k tools trying 
to compile EPICS base 3.14.9.  If I add the directory with cc1 to the 
the path it seems to work.  I never had to do that with previous 
versions of RTEMS.

I was able yesterday to compile EPICS base 3.14.10-RC1 without a 
problem.  I have not looked for the difference yet.

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