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Gene Smith gds at
Tue Oct 21 21:29:16 UTC 2008

Ed Sutter wrote:
> Leon Pollak wrote:
>> On Tuesday October 21 2008, Gene Smith wrote:
>>> This sounds similar to what I just solved, but maybe in the opposite
>>> direction. Bootloader (uMon) running ethernet/UDP loads RTEMS and
>>> branches to RTEMS at startup. Eth driver in bootloader was still doing
>>> DMA to RAM and caused RTEMS to re-init ethernet and crash while it was
>>> starting up. Had to reset ethernet hardware on entering RTEMS (start.S)
>>> (or could do same thing before leaving bootloader). So adding code to
>>> reset the mac and phy at beginning of start.S stopped ethernet activity
>>> and fixed it. There may be better way but this worked for me but is
>>> definitely not a "graceful" shutdown.
>> Gene, thank you a lot!
>> I shall consider this issue too, as I also run uMon.
>> Hmmm... AFAIK, as uMon does only polling, there should be no problems with 
>> Ethernet still "active", no? Well, only if you use the uMon RAM for the 
>> application...

True, no intrs. But eth controller still does DMA to memory which keeps 
going unless you reset it.

>> What I do is: I leave 0-64KB RAM for uMon purposes and load the application to 
>> the 0x10000 address. Thus DMA may continue to write its data.
>> But I have the problem returning to uMon from the application - the RTEMS 
>> driver does use interrupts.
>> As for just now, I simply zero some FEC registers before exiting in the 
>> application, but this is not good, as this work must be done by the driver.
> Fellers,
> Prior to running your application, issued the command "ether off" at the uMon
> prompt.  That will turn down the ethernet interface (assuming the driver is
> written properly) and then, if you're using the uMon API within RTEMS, it will
> not interfere with the RTEMS driver.

Sure, but if autobooting you can't issue any prompts. Possibly an 
autobooting/running script could do this which then loads RTEMS elf. But 
rather not go that deep. Would be nice if uMon had a user defined 
"pre_autoboot_hook() that would be called to, e.g., shut down ethernet 
before loading the app.

> Or, if you are using the uMon api in RTEMS, you can do this:
> mon_docommand("ether off",0);
> from within your application at startup.

Working on going that direction right now. Thanks for the hint!

> Ed
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