Closing Ethernet

Gene Smith gds at
Wed Oct 22 14:04:51 UTC 2008

Ed Sutter wrote:
>>> Fellers,
>>> Prior to running your application, issued the command "ether off" at the uMon
>>> prompt.  That will turn down the ethernet interface (assuming the driver is
>>> written properly) and then, if you're using the uMon API within RTEMS, it will
>>> not interfere with the RTEMS driver.
>> Sure, but if autobooting you can't issue any prompts. Possibly an 
>> autobooting/running script could do this which then loads RTEMS elf. But 
>> rather not go that deep. 
> That's not deep, that's a good way to boot up.  If you're autobooting you can
> do whatever you want.  Just DON'T do it in monrc.  Actually, this is a common way
> to boot up... Use an autoboot script (not monrc) to do some environment setup that
> is specific to your appliation, then start the app.
>> Would be nice if uMon had a user defined 
>> "pre_autoboot_hook() that would be called to, e.g., shut down ethernet 
>> before loading the app.
> There is, refer to the #define PRE_TFSAUTOBOOT_HOOK (in start.c).  This is a function
> call you can put into your build of the monitor (via config.h) to do whatever you want
> just prior to uMon calling the autoboot code.

Wow, I almost guessed the name! Yes, this is in the manual but think 
this was left out of the template config.h.  I tried defining this with 
my DisableEthdev() function but it shuts down ethernet even if you abort 
the load. Seem like it should only be called if your autoboot with query 
times out right before the load begins (at least that's what I thought 
it would do). Now I have no ethernet in uMon since my file has autoboot 
flag. But I can fix it, no problem.

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