work space size

Bassem Fahmy t_fahmy_bassem at
Sat Sep 6 23:38:40 UTC 2008

i'm currently doing a bsp for atmel SAM7 controllers. these controllers have a 64K RAM. i was able to get the hello.exe and ticker.exe to work. in the beginning the ticker.exe was running ok but after the end of the last message i usually see a message of error of freeing an empty pointer. i found that the work space size is 56K. so in the ticker example instead of using double the MINIMUM STACK SIZE for each stack, i just used the MINIMUM STACK SIZE, so now i can get it to work ok without the error messages. but the  work space size is down from 56K to 43K,  added to that the data and bss section, there is no enough memory for any heap. my questions are:
is what i did by reducing the STACK size of each task right or wrong?
How can i reduce the work space size?

Hint: i compile the rtems with -disable-posix -disable-itron -disable-networking -disable-cxx
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