Build Problem under Cygwin

Robert S. Grimes rsg at
Fri Sep 26 15:41:06 UTC 2008

Steven Grunza wrote:
>  The last I checked (about a day ago) cygwin seems to no longer be
> directly "supported" for building RTEMS.  My understanding is that there
> weren't enough people willing to help with cygwin and that if there
> were, then cygwin would be "supported".  See
> for more info.

According to the Wiki:

    "In the past, the RTEMS Project has provided binaries for Cygwin
    <>. There is nothing wrong with Cygwin, there
    are just so many hours in the day. If this interests you sponsor
    Cygwin support <> and/or volunteer
    to help."

I am indeed interested, and I have volunteered, having written up my 
experiences on the Wiki in the past.  I certainly understand that Cygwin 
has its set of problems, and I risk mortal pain by taking this road, and 
I have no expectations of support by the community.  That said, I've 
gotten assistance in the past, and I don't believe we want to rule out 
those who are stuck with Cygwin.

FWIW - I am trying to get away from Windows entirely, but for various 
reasons, that road is still stretched out before me...

Take care,
> - Steven G.
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