ELF file to .bin convertion (mpc8313erdb)

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Sat Sep 27 09:53:08 UTC 2008


you don't need a raw binary file, but U-Boot requires a properly
formatted image file (in a specific U-Boot format).

First you need the U-Boot formatter "mkimage", which you can build from
the U-Boot sources.

Then the following steps are needed (here to format the "ticker.exe"):

powerpc-rtems4.10-objcopy -R -S -O binary ticker.exe ticker.bin

cat ticker.bin | gzip >ticker.gz

tools/mkimage -Appc -O rtems -T kernel -a 0x100 -e 0x10000 -n "RTEMS"\
 -d ticker.gz ticker.img

The resulting "ticker.img" can be loaded via TFTP or other means e.g.
with the following U-Boot commands:

setenv ipaddr
setenv serverip
tftpboot 0x400000 mpc8313erdb_ticker.img
bootm 0x400000


Yuke Tian schrieb:
> Hi,
> I built an RTEMS application on mpc8313erdb (start supported from 4.9).
> The board come with a pre-installed U-boot to allow download application
> into memory and run. But it seems U-boot only support .bin raw binary
> image.  The .exe or .o files generated from the Makefile are all ELF
> 32-bit MSB executable files.  Does anyone know what tools I should use
> to convert the ELF to .bin format for this powerpc CPU ?  Specifically
> for this board, which memory address I should load the .bin file.
> Thanks,
> Yuke
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