Fast serial port driver for LEON3

Joris van Rantwijk jorisvr at
Thu Aug 13 06:57:16 UTC 2009


I am interested in serial communication on the LEON3 platform.
What is the best driver to use for the Gaisler APBUART device?

There are two APBUART drivers in RTEMS 4.9, but they each have
inconvenient restrictions. The default console driver (i.e.
libbsp/sparc/leon3/console/console.c) is a polling driver and
can not even reconfigure baud rates.

The other driver, libbsp/sparc/shared/uart/apbuart.c, is interrupt
based and mostly does what I want. However, calling apbuart_register()
resets all APBUART devices, killing my console channel in the act.
Also, apbuart.c does not use the termios framework.

Is there any work on the way to further improve apbuart.c, make it
support termios etc?

Are there even more APBUART drivers that I could look into?

Joris van Rantwijk
SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research

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