Exception 1 (debug exception)

João Craveiro jcraveiro at lasige.di.fc.ul.pt
Fri Aug 14 08:49:08 UTC 2009

Hello there,

I have been making modifications to the RTEMS source (4.8.1) for a
very specific-purpose application. More recently, something has
started to happen: when I add new code, compile RTEMS, then compile
the application with this new RTEMS, the previously working
application (oh, pc386/i386) will render an Exception 1 (debug
exception). This has happened both when adding C code or assembler
code (e.g. on irq_asm.S). In the case of C code, I noticed that (1)
the exception would only occur when the function I was adding to the
code called an RTEMS function (in the specific case, it was things
like _Thread_Is_context_switch_necessary and _Thread_Dispatch), and;
(2) the exception would occur even when my newly created function was
never invoked.

Can anyone give me some light on what this Exception 1 is, and/or why
I might be getting this problem when adding code?

Thanks in advance,

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