How is the status of 4.8 branch

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Wed Aug 5 08:30:14 UTC 2009

On 08/05/2009 09:16 AM, PowerMan wrote:
> 4.8.1 is released in 2008. It is a long time since then. When would 4.8.2 be
> released?

4.7 is in "keep-alive maintenance mode".

I.e. it would only see an update when a critical bug was found or a 
sufficient amount of "non-critical" bugs fixes would have accumulated.

So far, neither has happened.

IMO, more likely than 4.8.x seeing an update it is being announced 

I strongly recommend not to use 4.8 anymore, but to upgrade to at least 4.9.

> And what about 4.7.4?
Though not officially pronounced "dead", rtems-4.7 is de-facto dead and 


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