Weird problem on rs232 vs USB-serial...

mike antispam21 at
Mon Feb 23 19:02:38 UTC 2009

Hi all,

We have a Leon2-based board using the RTEMS leon2 BSP. The host is x86 
running CentOS 2.6.
With a simple application that outputs to /dev/console for stdio (printf):

- with the board connected directly to COM1 of the host, no output is seen

- with the board connected to a USB<->serial adapter (Keyspan), outputs 
and inputs were fine

* This is with the same app initializing the UART to 38400, 8N1, no flow 
* On the host, we just use 'minicom' set for 38400, 8N1, no flow control
    (/dev/ttyS1 in the 1st case and /dev/ttyUSB0 in the 2nd case)

What could possibly be the cause?
Thanks for any comments/pointers.

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