Rtems-core Binaries

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at rtems.org
Fri Feb 6 12:55:01 UTC 2009

Resending, this list is once again swallowing mails.

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Matt Rippa wrote:
>> Hi all -
>> I'm not sure who started managing binaries for the RTEMS
>> toolchains, but it's really fantastic. I think praise goes to
>> Ralf Corsepius?
>> For Gemini, we're adopting a model to manage RPM spec-files and
>> a yum repo for all of our observing critical code. I was
>> wondering if anyone is working on binary releases for rtems-core
>> and perhaps others such as rtems-addon-packages, and Cexp.
>> Before I start this effort for our requirements, I was hoping to
>> hear your thoughts. Maybe it's already in a near term plan?
> Ralf has done some packaging work on this and I really
> really would like to see us be able to do this for
> released RTEMS versions.
Yes and no.

Yes, I have done some packaging work aiming at this, but this
unfortunately dropped off the desk for several reasons.

No, this is unlikely to happen for released RTEMS version, because these
versions have not been prepared to utilize this.

> Unfortunately, there are some BSP specific clean up
> issues remaining so every BSP will build against an
> installed CPU Kit.
Correct. This is one detail, I am referring to above.

>  If Ralf can post a work plan for
> resolving this, I would like to see this in 4.10.

A work plan would be quite simple:

1. Start building cpukit rpms from rtems-tarballs.
I would expect us to be already quite close to be able to do so, however
the "devil's in the details" - This step definitely isn't intellectually
challenging, but labor intense and resource consuming ;)

Once this step has been performed, I would expect it to be fairly easy
to back-port to released RTEMS versions.

The limiting factor wrt. implementing this at the moment is my personal
time constraints. For the moment, it will have to remain a "spare-time
side-task" while working on other topics.

2. Split out cpukit from the RTEMS source tree and convert it into a
stand-alone package.

The basic idea would be to ship a separate cpukit-tarball and a tarball
containing the bsps and the testsuites.

However, the details are unclear to me.


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