BOOTP and MVME5500

Kate Feng feng1 at
Wed Feb 11 19:46:27 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Kate Feng wrote:
>> As per discussion with Robert, it was because the NIC on his boot 
>> host is
>> 100 MHz. I fixed this bug for the mvme5500-1GHz in 4.8.0 release as 
>> well.
>> Thanks for being patient in waiting for the  4.9.1 release.
> So does 4.9.1 need a patch?  If so, can one of you file a PR
> with the changes so 4.9.2 will include it.
Yes, some patches since the 4.7.0.  I am still in the process of 
updating the PC
to RHEL5 so that I can try the 4.9.1.  It would be not right to just 
submit the
source code without trying 4.9.1 myself.   I apologize for the
delay in sending the patches.  This is set as one of my high
priority tasks now.  I will submit the patches for 4.8 and 4.9.1
at the same time.  Thanks for being understanding.

> --joel
>> Regards,
>> Kate
>> Robert Varner wrote:
>>> I recently upgraded to 4.9.1 and discovered that my MVME5500 would no
>>> longer BOOTP.  After some research, I discovered that the "bsp.h" file
>>> had been set to choose the Gigabit ethernet interface, a change
>>> from the earlier version I was using (4.7).  However, even after
>>> I changed connections, the module still fails to hear the BOOTP 
>>> response
>>> from my server.  If I modify "bsp.h" to select the 10/100 ethernet
>>> interface on the MVME5500, it can successfully BOOTP.
>>> Can anyone suggest what I should do to successfully use the Gigabit
>>> ethernet interface on the MVME5500 with RTEMS 4.9.1?
>>> Robert Varner
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