Unable to initialize system clock

João Craveiro jcraveiro at lasige.di.fc.ul.pt
Thu Feb 12 15:40:09 UTC 2009

The Makefiles (particularly the one from hello_world_cPMK) have some 
peculiarities, like prefixing, and linking together with the object 
generated from hello_world_cP1. This is a requisite of the system we're 
designing. Meanwhile, I experimented transferring manuelTesteP1() to the 
PMK source (as P1manuelTesteP1()) and generating the executable only 
from that code, and it worked, so I guess the problem lies in the build 

Thank you,


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Joel Sherrill wrote:
> João Craveiro wrote:
>> Hello there,
>> I'm currently trying to get a little demonstrator application, not 
>> developed by me and that (supposedly) ran on RTEMS 4.6.2, to run on 
>> RTEMS 4.8. I already hunted the bugs that didn't allow successful 
>> compilation, but I can't get past this after booting:
>> «Initialized console on port CONSOLE
>> Unable to initialize system clock»
>> Sometimes --i.e., in some builds-- the second message is replaced by 
>> some weird characters. I'm using the pc386 bsp, and this happens both 
>> with QEMU and effectively booting from a floppy disk.
>> Anybody has any clues?
> Is the application small enough to post? This doesn't sound
> familiar at all and this isn't enough to debug from.
>> Thank you in advance,
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