Nios2 support in RTEMS-4.9.1

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Feb 17 02:52:49 UTC 2009

Morten Kristiansen wrote:
> I have searched source and the net for Nios II support in RTEMS. It
> seems to have been removed sometime in the past. I could be interested
> in working for Nios II support. Before promising anything; it would be
> nice if anybody could give any clues on why it seems to be dropped.
It is in the CVS version but removed from release branches
because Altera has not submitted the tool support to the
FSF.  We can only put support in released versions of
RTEMS that we can build and unfortunately the nios II
does not meet that criteria.

In contrast, the Lattice Micro 32 support now has been
submitted.  We asked, encouraged and it showed up.

This is a case where the free software community has
to gentle put pressure on the vendor to do the right
thing and encourage them to submit the port of gcc,
binutils, gdb and newlib to the upstream packages.

So start poking at Altera.  If you have names/emails
of the developers mentioned in the patches,  I am
happy to help contact people.  But you have to find the
right people to ask.
> Regards,
> Morten Kristiansen
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