USD99 ARM Platform with GigE

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at
Tue Feb 24 22:01:56 UTC 2009

Scott Newell wrote:
> At 03:51 PM 2/24/2009 , Joel Sherrill wrote:
>> The only downside I see if that I don't think it includes RAM so you
>> would have to spend something else.
> 512MB DDR2 + 512MB NAND flash on board.  JTAG, complete with
> openocd-friendly FTDI interface to USB.  ( Standard 20 pin connector on
> board as well.)  It even appears to have some GPIO brought out to some kind
> of connector...not sure if it's 0.1" pitch or not.
Wow!  Something has to be wrong. :-D
> You wouldn't even need to cross compile.
I thought is was an ARM.  So it is self-hosting when using Linux?

For RTEMS, it would still be cross booted via U-Boot.

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