Rtems for a space project

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Wed Jan 14 09:16:58 UTC 2009

Massimo Tipaldi wrote:
> I think we are on the right track.
> The makefile in the Rtems examples 4.9.1 includes a Makefile.inc located 
> in the tree (/d/opt/src/rtems/i386/i386-rtems4.9/c/pc386/make).
> To compile my hello.exe from the exeamples 4.9.1, I was obliged to 
> modify a little bit the Makefile.inc:

For the RTEMS Eclipse plug-in I use this Makefile to obtain the tool options:

include $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/Makefile.inc
include $(RTEMS_CUSTOM)
include $(PROJECT_ROOT)/make/leaf.cfg
	@echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.archiver
	@for i in $(AR) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
	@echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.assembler
	@for i in $(AS) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
	@echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.compiler.c
	@for i in $(COMPILE.c) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
	@echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.compiler.cpp
	@for i in $(COMPILE.cc) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
	@echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.linker.c
	@for i in $(LINK.c) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
	@echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.linker.cpp
	@for i in $(LINK.cc) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done

Example usage:

make PROJECT_RELEASE=/opt/rtems-4.10/powerpc-rtems4.10/mpc5566evb

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