OSAL Layer for RTEMS

Aitor.Viana.Sanchez at esa.int Aitor.Viana.Sanchez at esa.int
Thu Jan 29 15:57:06 UTC 2009

Hi Amalaye,

I can try to do that but most probably I miss some.

- I've removed the "name" parameter in the OSAL resource creation 
functions. This implies I removed the GetByName() functions.

- I changed all the RTEMS OSAL API to use the RTEMS native API. I did this 
because other sections in ESA are trying to validate RTEMS (subset of) and 
left behind the POSIX interface.

- I did some changes in the source code, but do not affect functionality

- I added time functions to set/get the processor time

- I added Timer functions which in RTEMS are mapped to the "rtems_timer_" 

OS_TimerFireWhen (not yet implemented, thinking about the usefulness for 
our purposes)

- In the RTEMS flavour I included a fatal error handler extension for 
debugging purposes.

- I did not include yet in our version (or I removed from yours) the 
Memory access API, the EEPROM Control API, port API,  and PCI bus API. 
Still thinking about it.

- now I don't remember the status of the GSFC file system OSAL API for 
RTEMS. But I do remember dealing with it in my version and is working but 
with still some TODOs.

Minor stuff, like changing the configuration/compilation method

- Apart from OSAL I developed a unitary test battery to test all the API 

Am sure I've left some but, more or less

Best regards,


"Oyake, Amalaye" <amalaye.oyake at jpl.nasa.gov> wrote on 01/29/2009 04:27:41 

> Hello Aitor,
> Perhaps one of the best things you could do is to writing and 
> distributing a brief paper pointing out the differences between your
> version and Alan Cudmore?s version (the GSFC version). Particularly 
> highlighting your improvements would be beneficial.
> Regards,
> Amalaye
> On Thursday01/29/2009 Thursday~01/29/2009 -12:31 AM, "Aitor.Viana.
> Sanchez at esa.int" <Aitor.Viana.Sanchez at esa.int> wrote:

> Hi all, 
> As you may know from another post. OSAL (Operating System 
> Abstraction Layer) is an open source project from NASA (http:
> //opensource.gsfc.nasa.gov/projects/osal/osal.php <http:
> //opensource.gsfc.nasa.gov/projects/osal/osal.php> ) (quoting) 
> "aiming to isolate embedded SW from the real-time operating system".
> I had a look already time ago to the project and I thought it was 
> absolutely nice, so I am also maintaining, based on the NASA work, 
> my own flavour of OSAL adding and removing things. Of course is open
> source as well, but I still don't know where to make it available 
> for download (am working on it.
> Anyway, anyone interested in get it or if you Alan want to feedback 
> yours please do not hesitate to drop me a line and I'll send you the
> full source code of the current version. 
> Best regards, 
> Aitor 
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