Adding MVME160X (or any non Raven based) support to motorola_powerpc BSP.

Mike Panetta mprtems at
Sun Jun 28 16:05:04 UTC 2009

I am attempting to add support to RTEMS for the MVME1600 series of processor cards based on an MPC60x + MPC105 PCI to 60x bridge and an intel i82378 PCI to ISA bridge.  This is different then most boards in the motorola_powerpc BSP due to the fact that it does not use a Raven/Falcon chipset and thus has no OpenPIC.  I have seen that the MVME2100 also does not have an OpenPIC, and thus has some code to initilaize the board for its EPIC based controller, but this is still quite different from what the 1600 has.

Basically, my first question is how difficult would it be to add support for a non APIC/OpenPIC/EPIC based board to the motorola_powerpc BSP?  IE what files need to be modified/added?  I gather I would need to add support for PCI config space accesses for the MPC105, but other then that I really do not think much needs to be done on the PCI side correct?

What are the 'swizzle' things in the motorola.c file for?  I am guessing that they are for fixed IRQ mappings, is this correct?  If so would adding one for the MVME1600 cards and disabling OpenPIC initialization be enough to get this board working, or do I need to add support for the i82378? Does having fixed IRQ mappings break anything in the BSP? I noticed that there is a bit or 2 in the cpu_type field in the mot_info_t struct that states whether or not the board has a raven chip, but I can't find anything that keys off this field.  I also assume that the _int_map structure expects an EPIC or OpenPIC type of interrupt controller, is that correct?

Anyway, I don't think there is much that needs to be done to get things up and running on this board, I just need a gentle push in the right direction as to where to look to make changes.

BTW, I will be contributing my changes back if you would like to have them in the tree.


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