Debian-host build error...

Ed Sutter esutter at
Wed Jun 24 16:46:40 UTC 2009

Thanks, here's more info...

I'm following the steps from the "Quick Start" wiki page.
First I got the prebuilt tools from:
I followed the Debian-specific instructions at:
which talk about the "alien" tool and the conversion from .rpm to .deb.
All that appears to work just fine.

Then, referring to the "Example Application Compiling" page
I execute these steps...
   cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at login
   cvs -d :pserver:anoncvs at -z 9 co -P rtems
   cd rtems
   export PATH=/opt/rtems-4.9/bin:$PATH
   cd ..
   mkdir bf537Stamp
   cd bf537Stamp
   ../rtems/configure --target=bfin-rtems4.10 --enable-rtemsbsp=bf537Stamp \
     --enable-tests=samples --disable-posix --disable-itron
   make all

The error occurs in the "make all" step.  It apparently runs yet another
configure down below, and that's the point where it chokes.  Attached
is the output of the "make all", as well as the config.log file that the
error in the make output is referring to.
Thanks for any help you can offer!  I'm bracing myself for being told
I'm doing something really stupid.  :-(

Ian Caddy wrote:
> Hi Ed,
> I am not really sure, but do you have any more details?
> Such as when the error occurred, I assume during configure?
> If so, did you look at the config.log output to see if it gave any clues 
> as to why it failed the check for being able to build executables?
> regards,
> Ian Caddy
> Ed Sutter wrote:
>> Folks,
>> Didn't get any responses on this, so I figured I'd try again...
>> When I reported this error, I was using pre-built tools from:
>> then the other day I started over using:
>> The exact same error occurred, so I'm still clueless.
>> Even the "remotest" of suggestions at this point would not be in vain
>> (yea, I'm begging) :-( otherwise, I suppose I have to hunt down a 
>> different
>> Linux box (non-debian) to isolate this problem.
>> Thanks,
>> Ed
>> Ed Sutter wrote:
>>> Folks,
>>> I'm walking through the quick-start procedure for building the
>>> BF537Stamp BSP.  My development host is Debian, and I've gotten
>>> to the point (on the quick-start page) where it mentions the error:
>>> * If you experience a "C compiler cannot create executables" error,
>>> * try fixing your compiler by getting libc-dev
>>> I ran apt-get install libc-dev and got the following message:
>>> * root:apt-get install libc-dev
>>> * Reading package lists... Done
>>> * Building dependency tree... Done
>>> * Note, selecting libc6-dev instead of libc-dev
>>> * libc6-dev is already the newest version.
>>> * 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 1 not upgraded.
>>> Anyone working with a Debian host that has had (and overcame) this
>>> problem?
>>> Thanks
>>> Ed
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