rtems.h not found during build

Sebastian Huber sebastian.huber at embedded-brains.de
Tue Jun 30 11:28:26 UTC 2009

Sebastian Huber wrote:
> Martin Grim wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> I encounter a problem during building my app against 4.9.2. It used to work with 4.8.0... A search on the archive didn't help me much, so that's why I ask this question here...
>> During the build I encounter a build error: rtems.h (among others) is not found in the search path:
>> marting at Corvus:~/esw/gen$ make
>> Compiling  Debug.o
>> /opt/rtems-4.9/bin/sparc-rtems4.9-g++ -c -DREVISION="1787:1884M" -DBUILDSTAMP="06/30/09 +11:46:47" -Iinc/ -Wall -O2 -mcpu=v8 -msoft-float -pedantic src/Debug.cpp -o obj/Debug.o -v
> I doubt that this invocation pattern worked with RTEMS 4.8.  Something like
> '-B/opt/rtems-4.9/sparc-rtems4.9/leon3/lib' is missing in your command line.
> [...]

Hm, maybe it worked in 4.8 because you used another toolchain (for example the
one from Gaisler?).  You can use the Makefile below to figure out which tool
options are recommended by a BSP.  Invoke it for example with

make PROJECT_RELEASE=/opt/rtems-4.9/sparc-rtems4.9/leon3

include $(PROJECT_RELEASE)/Makefile.inc
include $(RTEMS_CUSTOM)
include $(PROJECT_ROOT)/make/leaf.cfg
        @echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.archiver
        @for i in $(AR) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
        @echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.assembler
        @for i in $(AS) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
        @echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.compiler.c
        @for i in $(COMPILE.c) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
        @echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.compiler.cpp
        @for i in $(COMPILE.cc) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
        @echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.linker.c
        @for i in $(LINK.c) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done
        @echo org.rtems.cdt.tool.linker.cpp
        @for i in $(LINK.cc) ; do printf "\t%s\n" "$$i" ; done

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