about network-demos and g++

pierre kestener pierre.kestener at cea.fr
Tue Mar 10 14:18:01 UTC 2009


while playing with network-demos and g++, I noticed 2 small things that 
could be easily changed :

- cpukit/ftpd/ftpd.h : missing c++ protection

- regarding the http example, the 2 implementations (shttpd and goahead) 
use the
same init routine but with different parameters:

GoAhead: cpukit/httpd/rtems_webserver.h
int rtems_initialize_webserver();

Simple httpd: cpukit/shttpd/compat_rtems.h
rtems_status_code rtems_initialize_webserver(rtems_task_priority   
initial_priority, ...

Whereas rtems_webserver.h is an installed header, compat_rtems.h is not 
(no problem with gcc, but with g++ there is an error).
I think there could be a separate installed header containing this 
declaration (for example rtems_webserver_shttpd.h).

best regards,

Pierre Kestener.

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