Telnetd initialization changes

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Tue Mar 3 08:29:22 UTC 2009

Till Straumann wrote:
> Sebastian Huber wrote:
>> Hi,
>> here is the patch that tries to refactor the login code:
> I've been away and was unable to comment.
> I think most of your proposed changes are OK
> but I generally have a problem with API changes.
> Even though rtems_telnetd_initialize() is kind
> of ugly and doesn't cover all the configurable
> parameters I am opposed to changing its arguments
> for sake of compatibility with existing code.
> Instead, we could introduce a 'config' structure
> where all the configurable bits can be set up
> and a new entry point for configuration + initialization.

> The old API could be deprecated and removed in the
> future.
Also agreed.

That said, IMO this change would be OK for rtems-4.10, but is not OK for 
rtems4.9 - There, API compatibility must be kept.


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