CVS Plot Graphs

Ralf Corsepius ralf.corsepius at
Fri Mar 13 16:15:53 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi,
> Out of curiousity, I ran CVSPlot on the
> entire RTEMS CVS history.  The 3 graphs
> and my few comments are at:
> If anyone has any explanations for the bends
> in the graphs, please add them to the Wiki.
> Ralf.. do these dips correspond to the
> merger of leaf's into directory
>'s like I think?

Probably. The first "dip" seems to correspond to the cpukit merger, the second "dip" to flattening the bsp 

Whether these assumption actually apply is hard to tell due to the 
compressed time scale of the graphs ;-)


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