RTEMS 4.10 on Fedora 10 Virtual Machine

e.stiebler emu at e-bbes.com
Tue Mar 17 18:51:48 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>  > We have just created a virtual machine of Fedora 10 with
>>  > the RTEMS 4.10 development environment preinstalled. Further 
> :)  I hope it helps new users and gives a nice environment
> for demonstrations.

Definitely, but I was asking, as I have Fedora always on my computer, 
but I'm always missing some variables.
SO I made myself some scripts, which start with a clean FEDORA, and 
install RTEMS, all other stuff I need (CAD/EDA/Shells/etc.)
Setup the CVS addresses, whatever.

> We just followed the Getting Started instructions and
> did some user account setup.  The only think I know we
> added was gvim for me.  After that, we stripped out the
> media players and games since there was no need for those.

I usually miss in the Quick/Getting started whatever, that RTEMS likes 
to have some variables set (PATH, TARGET, BSP, etc) which I'm now having 
in a RTEMS.env file.

Or is it obsolete by now ?
(Took a break from RTEMS, but I'm coming back ;-))

> + loaded the Yum RTEMS 4.10 repository RPM
> + yum install "*sparc-*" "*auto*" "*i386-*"
> + checked out gcc-testing and rtems from RTEMS CVS
> + added to the PATH so it stuck across logins
> + Added a couple of text files wih configure commands

I LOVE remarks like the one above ;-)

> + Added sis and i386 ticker executables prebuilt
> Nothing too fancy at this point.  

If you know what you're doing, it's never fancy ;-)

> If this turns out to
> be popular, we might add ARM tools, Skyeye, Eclipse,
> or qemu networking support in a future iteration.

Shell scripts which add components ?


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