RTEMS-mvme5500 BSP update

Kate Feng feng1 at bnl.gov
Thu Mar 19 18:35:43 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Any chance of getting a patch to apply to the
> RTEMS source base?
The attached mvme5500-patch.tar.gz  contains two files :

I tried to file a PR, but it seems that there are some problems
with the bug tracking system : bugzilla.  I could not even view
It was OK last week, though. 


> --joel sherrill
> Kate Feng wrote:
>> Hi,
>> The stable version of RTEMS-mvme5500 BSP is posted at
>> http://www.nsls.bnl.gov/facility/expsys/software/EPICS/
>> The "RTEMS-mvme5500 BSP v1.4.9.1", was tested
>> under RTEMS 4.9.1, and the "RTEMS-mvme5500 BSP v1.4.8.0"
>> was tested under RTEMS 4.8.0..
>> The highlights of the change are :
>> 1)  Use the GT_GPP_Value register (0xf104) instead of the
>> GT_GPP_Interrupt_Cause register (0xf108) to monitor the cause
>> of the level sensitive interrupts. See irq/BSP_irq.c.
>> This is an unique solution which solves part of the bugs in
>> the BSP, which especially affects the 1GHz network driver.
>> 2) There is no change in the 100 MHz network driver. Thus,
>> its performance stays the same.  Some bugs were fixed in the
>> 1GHz network drivers (e.g. if_wm.c).
>> 3)Enable "PCI Read Agressive Prefetch", "PCI Read Line Agressive 
>> Prefetch",
>> and "PCI Read Multiple Agressive Prefetch" to improve the performance of
>> the PCI based applications (e.g. 1GHz network driver). See 
>> pci/pci_interface.c.
>> However, performance is driven by applications.
>> There is no known bug at this point.  Any feedback which is related to
>> the RTEMS-mvme5500 BSP would be highly appreciated.
>> Hope this helps,
>> Kate
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