doc/setup.def in RTEMS 4.9.2 and suggested Ada version ?

Simon Clubley simon.clubley at
Mon May 4 14:19:38 UTC 2009


I'm starting to update to the latest released RTEMS version. However
doc/setup.def in the 4.9.2 source kit, which I have usually used for
tool version and patch information, still contains the information for
RTEMS 4.9.0.

I also see from that
the Ada patch for gcc is for 4.2.3 and not 4.3.2. I assume therefore
that Ada support is a problem in gcc 4.3.2, even though the Ada entry
in the RTEMS Wiki shows a build against 4.3.2.

Can Ada users here advise which toolkit versions they are using with
RTEMS 4.9.2 ?

I'm using i386 and ARM BSPs.



Simon Clubley
simon.clubley at

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