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We are two students working on a project about a signal treatment
application running on an FPGA, the Altera Development Board. We would like
to use RTEMS on the NIOS II architecture. Is there a RTEMS version including
a porting on NIOS II as stated on the website ? We already looked at the
latest versions but the source doesn't seem to include it.

According to this website (, someone has
already worked on the porting. We asked him why nios II is no more supported
by rtems. Here is his reply :

>Years ago then my port was included in the RTEMS source code distribution,
>can be seen in the old news on the website (August 9, 2006).
Maybe it
>has been removed since.  The problem was that it was impossible to create a
>native nios2-rtems toolchain. I had to use wrapper scripts to use the gcc
>provided by Altera.

>Because Altera still doesn't provide an upgrade to gcc 4.x, but RTEMS
>if not requires gcc 4.x, it might have become really complicated and not
>feasible anymore to compile RTEMS with the wrapped Altera gcc.

>Greetings from Hamburg

So, is the porting possible and which version of RTEMS should we use ?


Sylvain and Aurelien
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