Embedded PC IDE Flash Questions

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu May 28 01:03:59 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a Winsystems EBC-855 and am trying to
> access the CompactFlash.  It is on
> IDE1 and nothing is on IDE0 so I enabled the
> secondary IDE/

With the latest build from CVS you can control the IDE controller table 
via kernel command line options. The option is '--ide=1,2' or for you 
'--ide='2'. I suggest you leave off all configure/make command line 
options for the i386 BSP and use command line arguments. You need to use 
the multiboot kernel image for command lines.

> http://sbc.winsystems.com/products/ebc-855.cfm
> The IDE Flash is formatted for DOS and will boot
> DOS.  I used the telnetd example with the DOS FS
> support enabled.  The drive is showing up as
> /dev/hdc but the system locks up when I
> try to "fdisk /dev/hdc register" or
> "fdisk /dev/hdc" to look at the partition table.
> Any thoughts from someone who has done this
> before?

This is typical of a low level IDE issue where timeouts are happening. I 
do know the command line will not include the IDE1 controller details in 
the IDE configuration table so if you could use this option we would 
know there is no IDE1 configuration details in the table.

I have noticed with qemu I cannot access the second IDE2 controller. I 
had assumed this was a qemu to disk mapping issue that caused the 
problem when I tried. I have IDE1 as a disk image (file on host 
formatted as a disk) and that works well and IDE2 mapped to a host 
directory so I can load a kernel. Grub can see this IDE2 disk and it 
loads my kernel from it. With your problem I am wondering if there is a 
bug the IDE2 support. I know qemu has a CDROM present on the second IDE 
controller. I will take another look into the IDE2 problem with qemu.

Do you happen to have a CDROM connected as well, ie ATAP type device ?


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