Embedded PC IDE Flash Questions

Chris Johns chrisj at rtems.org
Thu May 28 11:16:11 UTC 2009

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Chris Johns wrote:
>> Joel Sherrill wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a Winsystems EBC-855 and am trying to
>>> access the CompactFlash.  It is on
>>> IDE1 and nothing is on IDE0 so I enabled the
>>> secondary IDE/
>> With the latest build from CVS you can control the IDE controller 
>> table via kernel command line options. The option is '--ide=1,2' or 
>> for you '--ide='2'. I suggest you leave off all configure/make command 
>> line options for the i386 BSP and use command line arguments. You need 
>> to use the multiboot kernel image for command lines.
> OK.  Tomorrow's project. :)
> I did build with the configure.ac flag to enable IDE1.  That
> at least made the device show up.
>>> http://sbc.winsystems.com/products/ebc-855.cfm
>>> The IDE Flash is formatted for DOS and will boot
>>> DOS.  I used the telnetd example with the DOS FS
>>> support enabled.  The drive is showing up as
>>> /dev/hdc but the system locks up when I
>>> try to "fdisk /dev/hdc register" or
>>> "fdisk /dev/hdc" to look at the partition table.
>>> Any thoughts from someone who has done this
>>> before?
>> This is typical of a low level IDE issue where timeouts are happening. 
>> I do know the command line will not include the IDE1 controller 
>> details in the IDE configuration table so if you could use this option 
>> we would know there is no IDE1 configuration details in the table.
> OK. I will try this again tomorrow.
>> I have noticed with qemu I cannot access the second IDE2 controller. I 
>> had assumed this was a qemu to disk mapping issue that caused the 
>> problem when I tried. I have IDE1 as a disk image (file on host 
>> formatted as a disk) and that works well and IDE2 mapped to a host 
>> directory so I can load a kernel. Grub can see this IDE2 disk and it 
>> loads my kernel from it. With your problem I am wondering if there is 
>> a bug the IDE2 support. I know qemu has a CDROM present on the second 
>> IDE controller. I will take another look into the IDE2 problem with qemu.
> Thanks.  I didn't try anything with the 2nd IDE on qemu.  I
> was happy to even be able to mount the vfat and do an ls.
> But when I did "cp test.exe joel" it succeeded but nothing
> showed up.  Is this just a qemu issue?

I do not know. What was the disk configuration for qemu ?

>> Do you happen to have a CDROM connected as well, ie ATAP type device ?
> No.  Nothing attached at all.  The IDE0 cable isn't even attached
> to the motherboard.

Is the device on the IDE bus set as the primary or second device ?

I have found with testing that I have a primary and secondary disk 
configured with qemu but only the primary disk is being detected yet I 
can read both identities. I am looking into this.


>> Regards
>> Chris

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