RTEMS Traps and Interrupts

Jamie Bowman jamie.bowman at steepestascent.com
Tue Nov 10 21:34:08 UTC 2009



We have been developing a system based on the SPARC Leon 2 processor using
RTEMS 4.8. We have successfully used the RTEMS call rtems_interrupt_catch to
register interrupt handlers for a number of the 15 interrupt lines on the
SPARC Leon 2 processor. On the SPARC Leon2 processor, interrupts are
referred to as Asynchronous Traps with interrupts 1-15 being equivalent to
traps 0x11-0x1F. 


What we would like to do now is to catch a number of the lower level
processor Synchronous Traps, for example the trap associated with detecting
an uncorrectable EDAC error when reading Data from SDRAM. 


Is there support within RTEMS to register such a trap handler?



Thank you for in advance for your assistance.



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