RTEMS, Bootloaders and HW parameters

Thomas Doerfler Thomas.Doerfler at embedded-brains.de
Thu Nov 12 19:48:03 UTC 2009


Wolfram Wadepohl schrieb:
> Chris Johns schrieb:
>> Thomas, have you consider something like the sysctl MIB approach but
>> simpler. It is thread safe and can grow as needed by linking in
>> different object files how-ever that is achieved. It supports complex
>> structures like tables, eg more than one timer, NIC or reset/watchdog
>> device, and you can iterate in a structured way. I am not saying you
>> have create a sysctl for RTEMS, but I think some of the ideas may be
>> useful.
>> I think this API is important and support the push to have one.
> Apart from having parameters from bootloaders available for RTEMS
> drivers this may also be a solution for many embedded systems to hold
> system wide parameters and distribute it to different modules and
> subsystems

wow, I really did not think THAT far, but it seems there is a real need
for such a subsystem. I will try to collect the ideas given here (Chris,
I really like your pointer to SYSCTL, it might be what I was hunting for).


> I appreciate a "(configuration) parameter database", whatever technology
> it  will use as a standard component in RTEMS. We use a flat structure
> with ASCII names and simple data types like string, int, float since
> over 15 years and there is a growing need for structured layout, i. e.
> hierachical namespace, aggregate types, like arrays and structures.
> We would support efforts toward such a database, the APIs and the
> methods. The use is much wider than an interface between bootloaders and
> BSP/drivers.

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