Help needed for Blackfin eZKit533 BSP

Florian Kandzia kandzia at
Thu Oct 1 14:20:13 UTC 2009


> So you might want to try CVS head, if you have the time to test that.
I did that. As 4.9.2, I couldn't get it to run. All sections get loaded 
(with section ".init" in start.S) but the program hangs somewhere at 
adresses outside the code. I'm not expert enough to figure that out.

> For what its worth, I use the bf537Stamp BSP, and load the executable
> using u-boot.
Just because I was curious, I flashed uboot onto my bf533 ezkit. It has no 
network, so I had to load my elf-files via serial line.
The results are the same as for JTAG:
4.8.x: works "out of the box" (start.S edited)
4.9.2: hangs (start.S edited or not doesn't matter)
4.10-cvs as of 30.09. same as 4.9.2

>From that I conclude that the eZKit533 BSP possibly has some problem. Or I 
do - but since no one else confirmed that it's working, I really think the 
problem is inside the computer, not in front of it...

Do you know for sure that the CVS head version of the bf537stamp works for 
your board? I guess you do because you wrote it.

I am considering porting the bf537stamp BSP back to the 533. Do you think 
that could be done in a reasonable amount of time? From what I have seen in 
the code, there should not be too much differences left when BFIN_ON_SKYEYE 
is set, as this already disables the 2nd UART and GPIO. And of couse, when 
building without network support, the bf537 network specific stuff should 
not be an issue.


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