Various software sizes calculation

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On Tue, 2009-10-06 at 09:29 +0530, Ali Asgar Nasir wrote:

> The .data segment contains the global variables. That’s true.
> The .text segment contains the code and also the values of all the
> initialized data in the code, along with the RTEMS code. 

I thought initialised variables went in .data and uninitialised went
in .bss ... 

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> Subject: Various software sizes calculation
> Hello all, 
> The questions I have will probably seem quite trivial for most of you
> guys but I'm a novice in this domain so I'd like some help. 
> I'm using the RTEMS OS with a LEON2 processor and I need to find out
> the following sizes for the project : 
>       * RTEMS Stack Size 
>       * Total Variables Size 
>       * Static Data Structure Size 
>       * Application Code Size 
>       * RTEMS Code Size
> I made some research but could not really find out how to find these
> number, all I know at the moment is that the .data segment of my
> program is 32'016 bytes, as I understand this the .data segment
> countain the global variables, is that correct? And .text is 221'760
> bytes, that's the total code of my application so that'd be RTEMS + My
> Code, correct? But how can I find out the size of RTEMS and the other
> sizes in my list? 
> I hope someone can help me. 
> Leo.
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