SAMBA porting

Chris Johns chrisj at
Tue Oct 6 22:24:58 UTC 2009

Lu Chih Wen wrote:
> I am interested in SAMBA, Is anyone port SAMBA server on RTEMS?

I do not know of any ports to RTEMS.

> Please give me some key point if you done the samba porting.

Samba is GPL code so we cannot accept it directly into the RTEMS source 
tree. It can how-ever be a contributed package available to all users 
who are able to user GPL code.

Are you wanting to be a client or a server ?

If you are after a client implementation you may wish to take a look at 
smbfs in FreeBSD and NetBSD (sys/fs/smbfs). We are able to accept this 
source into RTEMS. For a client implementation in RTEMS you need to 
create a set of handlers that glue a file system into RTEMS. There are a 
few examples present that show how this is done. Please ask if you are 
not sure.


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