qemu-uc58282 first test results

Joel Sherrill joel.sherrill at OARcorp.com
Thu Sep 10 18:55:42 UTC 2009


Thanks to Till's work, I was able to add qemu-uc5282
support to the sim-scripts and try to run all RTEMS
non-networked tests on the simulator.  Almost all
tests passed.  I would appreciate someone checking
the following tests on real hardware since they
fail on the simulator.

+ sp15 - failed with error
rtems_partition_create of PT1 FAILED -- expected (successful completion) 
got (address specified is invalid)

+ spintrcritical15 - could not create semaphore

+ spintrcritical16 - could not create semaphore

+ spprintk - no output
This is robably failing because the debug IO
is not initialized when the console is disabled.

Feedback from someone with real hardware would
definitely be appreciated.  I want to have faith in this
target before attempting to run all of the GCC C, C++
and Ada tests. :)

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