error at startup running Hello World Example in rtems 4.6.6 / erc32 bsp

Nicolas Horro nhorro at
Thu Sep 24 15:51:32 UTC 2009


when downgrading from rtems 4.8.0 to rtems 4.6.6 I found that the "hello
world" example in real hardware with ERC32 bsp fails at startup when
executing the function RTEMS_Malloc_Initialize( heap_start, heap_size,
use_sbrk ).

The line that fails is the memset() call.

if (!starting_address) {
  if ( rtems_cpu_configuration_get_do_zero_of_workspace() )
    memset( starting_address, 0, length ); /* <= error */

I believe this error is caused because <starting_address> and <length> have
invalid values:

(gdb) x starting_address
0x2015e48:      0x00000000

(gdb) x length
0x3d6c20:       0xffffffff

but not sure about this.

I tried to identify the changes between ERC32 BSP in RTEMS 4.8.0 (in which
hello world example works ok) and RTEMS 4.6.6, but I'm not succeeding to
understand the full startup project.

I'm aware 4.6.6 is no longer being supported, but any tip on what to look
for would be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Nicolás Horro
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