Converting RTEMS ELF files into Linux boot image format

Jérôme Hugues hugues.jerome at
Sat Sep 5 15:52:13 UTC 2009


Le 4 sept. 09 à 16:39, Joel Sherrill a écrit :

> I was looking again at running some RTEMS BSPs
> on qemu.  In particular, the mcf5206elite and
> leon2 should run on qemu.  BUT.. qemu is setup
> to boot Linux.
> Does someone out there have any thoughts on how
> to convert an RTEMS ELF into something it would
> be willing/able to boot?

I don't think QEmu supports leon2 already.

The Couverture project added support for leon2 in a separate patch,  
but I don't think it is merged to trunk

patch is there
(note the patch adds at697 as a machine for QEmu. It is for the Atmel  
AT697 board, based on a leon2 chip see
I could get an application running with it with the following line:

./qemu-system-sparc -nographic -M at697 -kernel <my_app>
I could get one application running using a gnat compiler for leon,  
but not using RTEMS 4.8 :(
Perhaps the patch mentioned below will provide some guidance.
Note that couverture also has an example with a bareboard ppc and a  
bareboard leon (no kernel at all, not even the gnat runtime)
perhaps this will provide an entrypoint. (in the tools/xcov/examples  
Hope this helps
Note I work on the Couverture project, but I'm not directly involved  
in the qemu part of this project.

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