Converting RTEMS ELF files into Linux boot image format

Till Straumann strauman at
Mon Sep 7 16:02:55 UTC 2009


I did a short test with mcf5206elite but was not successful ;-(

The ELF file (hello.exe) loaded and started just fine but
there were quite a few other problems:
 1) emulation lacks support for quite a few registers that
     are accessed by the BSP and this lets the emulator panic.
 2) memory layout of the emulated 'an5206' board and
     the mcf5206elite are different. Unfortunately, these
     differences cannot simply be addressed by modifications
     to the linker script because the BSP also uses some
     hardcoded definitions
 3) BSP uses vector table + initial stack in internal SRAM but the emulated
     board seems to support only 512 bytes thereof.

IMO it would be necessary to write a BSP specifically
for one of the platforms emulated by qemu. In this case,
the 5208 would be more interesting because it features
a NIC.

-- Till

Joel Sherrill wrote:
> Hi,
> I was looking again at running some RTEMS BSPs
> on qemu.  In particular, the mcf5206elite and
> leon2 should run on qemu.  BUT.. qemu is setup
> to boot Linux.
> Does someone out there have any thoughts on how
> to convert an RTEMS ELF into something it would
> be willing/able to boot?

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